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I have been collecting Spode for years. My American grandmother bought me a 1930's Spode Wild Flower dinner service on impulse in an auction when I started medical school in 1987 and moved into my own flat. I loved it and used it everyday until I had children when it was packed away for safekeeping. Since then we have been using Blue Italian which everyone loves and thankfully is readily available from Spode Portmieron as our boys broke a lot of it. Now that they are all over 20 and more careful we are using the lovely old Spode dishes again. I have a 1910 Spode Landscape Blue Flow for suppers and an old pattern from 1880 bought on impulse in an auction by me for high days and holidays. My Wild Flower dishes are back in service for breakfast as they came with 11 egg cups.

Finding replacements and branching out into new styles, chiefly arte-nouveau, led me to England's auction houses, Aladdin's Caves one and all! Finding things for friends and reassembling services or sets became games of detection and patience, hunting down all the elements that were once together but then scattered to the wind over the years. When we left London after 20 odd years for a Scottish Island in August this year I decided to spend more time chasing china and learning more about it. My site builds on these enthusiasms and combining love of china and bringing long-lost sets back together. I hope that joining Ruby Lane means I can join my discoveries with other enthusiasts in the United States.
Jane Wheatley
Ascog Hall
Argyll and Bute PA20 9EU
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