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am going to start with a partial email from a gentleman in the Netherlands who is a collector and provided much more information than I initially knew about lithophane teawarmer I have in my shop. So, please read his email to me:

Dear Ms. Sylvia Prikryl,

And what a charming miniature teawarmer you offer on Rubylane.

I have been collecting lithophanes for a number of years and I thought you might like to know a little more about the lithophanes in this teawarmer.

The panes were made in Germany (2nd half 19th C.) and are made of so-called biscuit porcelain. They were very difficult to produce. Some 40% cracked or had other imperfections after they were bakes in the kiln.

You might also like to know a little more about the images themselves.

The picture, the two children with a doll, is actually the second one of a pair. The first is called "Der Krieg" (meaning: the war) and the second one"Die Versohnung (German for: the reconcilliation).

And they are brother and sister who had been fighting over a doll. In the first picture the boy yields a toy-sword with which he keeps his sister at a distance, after he had taken her doll.

The third picture is called "Der Reprimande" (the reprimand). The children are being fined by a constable for fishing where it is not allowed. The two other panels I have no further information about in your teawarmer. but I sincerely hope you like the info on the other two panes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you want to know more or if you would like to see photos.

I was so very thankful to receive this information. So nice to have someone take the time to inform me of this rare and unusual piece of history. The stand measures 4 7/8" and the handle when up adds another 4". On the right hand corner of the litho appears to be 4 numbers. The prongs that hold on the lithos are all intact and I do not dare bend them to get the lithophanes out for fear of breaking. I removed some of the tarnish on the bottom where there is some lettering, but cannot make out. Possibly, if you removed the screw you would be able to see the name or letters. On one side I of the screw there appears to be possibly an "A" and "F", but not positive.

I lit a candle on the inside to take the photos. I took a photo of the inside which shows there is a place for a candle to illuminate. I will also include the candle that was inside when I acquired it. Or, I guess you could just set a battery operated tea light on the inside for a modern update.

I love this little piece and I know you will too. Maybe you have seen another but personally I have not.

Any additional questions I will try my best to answer.


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4 Panel Litho tea warmer German Antique Dolls Display


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