19th Century Copeland & Garrett (Late Spode) 'New Blanche' Dessert Service, 1833-1847 - image 1 of 16

A 19th century Copeland & Garrett 'New Blanche' pattern green transfer printed dessert service. This ravishing dessert service is in remarkably good condition considering its age and use and could definitely still be used to serve desserts and fruit. It is likely to have been made in 1838-1847.

This comprises;
A footed comport
Four twin handled bowls or 'shapes'
Four single handled bowls or 'shapes'
Nine plates (two plates are marked 'Copeland & Garret late Spode 'New Fayence'
18 pieces in all


The compote is 7 inches (17.5 cms) high with a bowl that is 11 5/8 inches (29.5 cms) at its widest by 10 inches (26 cms).

The twin handled 'shapes' are in two different sizes
Two are larger being 11 inches by 8 5/8 and the other two are 10.25 inches by 8.25 inches
All four are 1 3/4 inches high

The single handled 'shapes' are the same size being 10 inches by 9 1/8 inches
All four are 1 7/8 inches high

Nine octagonal plates
Seven are marked Copeland & Garrett 'New Blanche', the remaining two are marked Copeland & Garrett (late Spode) and are earlier, 1833 as opposed to about 1838
The diameter is 8.5 inches (8.75 inches at the widest)


The compote has a couple of small areas of staining on the bowl (see pictures) and a further area under the bowl (see pictures), these are not obvious when the compote is in use. There is also a scratch/crack under the bowl of the compote which may be from an irregularity of the firing process but does not extend through to the surface. No chips or crazing.

Twin handled 'shape':
Two are in very good condition with no flaws
One has been stapled (see pictures) and another has a very small chip to the underside, not visible on the top
No crazing or staining

Single handled 'shapes':
All look undamaged from the top. One is flawless, one has one small chip on the underside, one has five chips on the underside (some large, some small) and the last one has 5 chips on the underside and a hairline crack which is barely visible

Six of the nine plates are in excellent condition. Three have some damage. One of the older Copeland & Garrett (Late Spode) plates is badly stained on the bottom with some visible staining on the top. The other is in very good condition. Two have damage; one with two small chips on the underside and one with a large crack and staining. Eight are presentable as the upper sides have no damage and the one with the crack is useable in a pinch (I would serve it to myself).

I had considered selling this dessert set without the damaged pieces but my husband convinced me that it should not be broken up and that all pieces were useable and really in pretty good order considering their advanced age. I am loathe to part with them but my new Spode service is blue and white....I am happy to send more detailed pictures on request.

Please look at the photographs closely as they are part of the description. Shipping costs will be actual costs, I will refund any difference. This dessert service will probably need to be shipped in more than one package to keep the costs down. I expect that this would cost about $80-100 to post, tracked and insured, to the US.

We live on a Scottish Island and our ferry is affected by the vagaries of the weather especially this time of year. If the winds are high our ferry doesn't sail to the mainland. I will do my best to facilitate any ‘rush orders’ but it will depend on the weather. Please email me with any questions.

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19th Century Copeland & Garrett (Late Spode) 'New Blanche' Dessert Service, 1833-1847


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