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Here we have an awesome antique Wind Anemometer NO. 3085, manufactured in Philadelphia by Queen & Co. circa 1875-1900. Anemometers aren't the most well-known tool on the planet today, so for those who don't know, an Anemometer is an instrument for measuring the speed of the wind, or of any current of gas. They can be found on nearly every boat or ship on the water, or in most old mining operations to determine how strong the drafts were blowing throughout the mines.

This antique Anemometer by Queen & Co. is in excellent condition and still works like a charm. Add it to your collection of Nautical equipment or Mining tools today!

Specifications -
Approximate Size: 1.50" H x 3.375" W

T2 - XYZX - 4/21 - ZV

Black, Bronze, Brown, White

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Queen & Co. Wind Anemometer


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