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Manner of Maerten DE VOS (1532-1603)
Christ Cleansing The Temple

A dramatic painting brilliantly depicting the chaotic encounter between Jesus and the merchants of the Temple.
The cleansing of the Temple narrative tells of Jesus expelling the merchants and the money changers from the Temple, it is recounted in all four canonical gospels of the New Testament. The scene is a common motif in Christian art.
Painted in oil using the Venetian colour palette onto an oak panel in about 1680. It is an early copy based upon an engraving by Adrian Collaert of De Vos’s work.


Purchased at auction in Sweden as a 17th century painting, copy invoice available to purchaser.
“Maerten de Vos was principally a painter of religious scenes and to a lesser extent of mythological and allegorical themes. He was also an accomplished portrait painter. In the 1580s he produced multiple designs for prints and book illustrations. Beginning with Mannerism, his style evolved to become clear and descriptive, which perfectly corresponded to the ideas of the Counter-Reformation.
He was born in Antwerp as the youngest of the four children of Peter (Pieter) de Vos and Anna de Heere. His father was born in Leiden and relocated to Antwerp where he was recorded at the age of 17 years as a pupil of Jeroom Scuelens. Maerten and his brother, also called Pieter, first trained with their father.

A pupilage with the leading mid-16th century leading history painter Frans Floris has been surmised by some art historians.
As a trip to Italy had become a rite of passage for Flemish artists in the 16th century, de Vos travelled to Italy where he resided between 1550 and 1558. It is possible that he made at least part of his trip to the south in the company of Pieter Brueghel the Elder. He likely resided in Rome, Florence and Venice. De Vos' work shows a strong influence of the colours of the Venetians. The 17th-century Italian artist biographer Carlo Ridolfi wrote that de Vos worked in the studio of Tintoretto in Venice, which would explain this influence.

Upon his return to Antwerp in 1558 de Vos became a member of the Antwerp Guild of Saint Luke. It is possible that he returned to Antwerp earlier if the date of 1556 on a portrait painting is correct.”
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The painting has been cleaned and restored in recent times. The oak panel has split in two places but has been expertly repaired. The varnish is a little patchy in places. The frame is not original but is of a style of the period. Requires good lighting to fully appreciate.

56cm x 79cm (77cm x 100cm framed)
22 x 31 inches (30 x 39 inches framed)

Old Masters
Oil Paint, Wood
Old Masters, Religious Art
31" (79 cm)
22" (56 cm)
Holland • Dutch
17th Century

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Flemish school, Oil on Panel, c1680 Old Master


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