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Sugerplum Tree Plate Wileman & Co, Foley China C.1905. This delightful and whimsical plate is a scarce little treasure from the Art Nouveau period. Made in England, it not only displays a sweet child climbing a tree, it tells a story and in a poetic way.

The verse is part of a poem written by Eugene Field (1850-1895) and reads: “Have You Ever Heard of the Sugarplum Tree? Tis a Marvel of Great Renown. It Blooms On The Shore of the Lollipop Sea, in the Garden of Shut Eye Town. The Fruit That It Bears is so Wondrously Sweet As Those Who Have Tasted It Say, That Good Little Children Have Only To Eat of That Fruit To Be Happy Next Day.”

The darling child featured on this plate has a lovely face and is quite intent on climbing to the top of the tree to pluck the “wondrously sweet” sugarplums at the top. She appears to be wearing a white nightgown in contrast with the dark brown tree bark. Hanging branches and leaves of green support the colorful purple fruit which is there for the taking.

The plate was made by The Foley China company, run by Wileman & Co., Fenton & Langton, Staffordshire, England. The company made porcelain and earthenware items and were in business 1892-1925.

SIZE: 6 7/8” diameter.

MARKS: The Foley China, crown/over combined W & C, England – in brown color underglaze..

A spring wall hanger that came with the plate will be provided to the proud new owner.

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Sugerplum Tree Plate Wileman & Co, Foley China C.1905.


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