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Antique Enamel Champlevé Ormolu Pierced Nut Spoon, C.1880. This fabulous French nut spoon has a lovely openwork shell-shaped enamel bowl and the most delightful handle in the shape of a dolphin. The entire front surface is enameled with the exception of the tiny area where the bowl and handle join, and of course the outlines of the design cells.

The enameling style is called Champlevé with cells or indentations that are created either by hand or in a mold. The enameling is done by hand, placing the different colors of powder paste in the cells according a pattern created by the designer or enameler. The bowl on this spoon is especially fine with extra openwork in the first border using tiny white flowers to create drama. The second row is closed and enameled with red scrolls on a white background. The third and center of the bowl has a unique leaf-like design with openwork around it. Looking at the dolphin handle, notice how the enameler used soft colors of the sea for this creature. There’s white, dark blue, a lighter gray/blue and a touch of red. He is completely covered with color all the way to his tail.

Nut spoons are an avidly collected category and these enameled ormolu pieces are especially treasured by collectors. This Enamel Nut Spoon with its Dolphin handle would be a charming addition at your next gathering, or perhaps a wonderful, thoughtful gift for someone dear.

SIZE: 5 1/8” tall; 1 ¾” across at the widest point.

MARKS: None apparent.

CONDITION: Very Fine! No nicks, dents or repairs.

Blue, Gold, Green, Red, White
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Antique Enamel Champlevé Ormolu Pierced Nut Spoon, C.1880.


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